1st Annual VFA Charity Game

Black Ops Airsoft

Fri April 12th 2019 2:00 pm – Sun April 14th 2019 4:00 pm (CDT)

Apocalyptic Immersion Event

3 Days Outdoors 

Camping, Event Patch, & Raffle Ticket

Raffle with tons of chances to win

Food Vendor

Vendor Row



Game Objective - Scavenge, Gather, Evade & Survive.

Situation: After 40 Years of Civil unrest, ‘MERICA fell. As government infrastructure dwindled into nothing; Marshall Law failed to keep order. There was one Company that’s innovation had thought to keep ORDER. MUSKadyne Industries was the leading Security and Intelligence….BOTnet being the brainchild of billionare Elon Muskadyne would forward deploy DRONES to allow insight into the current situation. Hopes were high as BOTnet took over security of ‘MERICA. The world as we know it had changed forever. With limited supplies and even limited resources; Neighborhoods banded together and created CLANS of survivors. As the years past, BOTnet infrastructure had collapsed and HQ was abondonded leaving the BOTnet DRONE SECURITY program still intact. As BOTnet DRONES became Rogue, survivors only had one option. They adapted and remained out of sight and moved in the cover of darkness. The CLANS became smaller and smaller. Resources had dried up and the remaining surviving humans had migrated into the same region. Rumor had spread that there was one last Oasis with a Seed Bank, Medical Dispensary, Armory, and a Mobile Uplink for BOTnet. It didn’t take very long before all Colonies began heading to Franksville to find solace. Survivors will work together with their CLAN to accomplish Daily Tasks and Stay Alive.


SLICKERS – Inner city kids who have survived on their own and are

FERAL. Uniform is civilian clothing to include hoodies. Yellow Identifier

BOOTLEGGERS – Whats left of the working class has now turned to running goods and illegal trade. Uniform is Flannel Tops. Blue Identifier

TURKS – Woodsmen and Survivalist who have banded together to pool resources. Uniform is Green based camo. Green Identifier

REGULATORS – Whats left of the top 10% wealthiest who flaunt their weapons and resources. Uniform is Tan based camo. White Identifier

BOTNET – Terminators deployed by MUSKadyne Systems to destroy all resistance. Uniform is Black and Grey based camo. Red Identifier



-Remain in Uniform to match your Clan

-Each Clansman must wear Identifying Marker

-Identifying Marker is Fabric in the same color as your Clan

-Full Apocalypse load-outs must maintain Uniform color and include Identifier

-60% of uniform must match Clans Base Uniform

-Head gear color does not matter

-Gear color does not matter

Chrono Limits

-All weapons will chrono .32g bb

Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols = 1.55 joules with NO MED

LMG = 1.86 joules with 50ft MED

DMR = 2.1 joules with 75ft MED

Sniper = 2.8 joules with 100ft MED


1. Don't be a D*ck

2. Call your HITS!!!

3. See rule # 1

-No cheating, good sportsmanship is always better for the community

-Approved Full Seal Eye Pro (ANSI Z rated) must be worn at all times in game area

-Under 18 must have full face protection


-All weapons used in game must pass chrono and be tagged NO EXEMPTIONS

-All Hits to players body count as a kill including gear

-Gun hits do not count

-Friendly fire counts

-When Hit CALL YOUR HIT and pull dead rag, lay down and follow medic rule

-Dead men don’t talk

-All weapons with exception of LMG must remain on SEMI

-Clan Camps cannot be captured

-Mobile Casualty Collection points can be captured

-No physical contact between players

-Searching is conducted by verbal command “SEARCHING”


Gates Open Friday 1400hrs

Friday Play 1800 – 2100

Saturday Play 1000 – 2000

Sunday Play 0800 - 1400

Raffle 1430

Gates Close Sunday 1600

We look forward to hosting an amazing event and raising funds to help complete our MISSION.



This event has ended


Black Ops Airsoft

8025 128th Ave, Bristol, WI 53104